Immersive viewing 

GFK Spain

The future of market research

GFK is one of the most important market research companies in Spain. In its continuous commitment to innovation in such a changing and competitive environment, it has begun to implement data visualization through devices in its market studies, with Isostopy as a technological partner.



The experience

This project consists of several stages of development. First of all, taking 360 images of the space resulting from the study, in this case a supermarket, to create a 100% real space. In the second phase, different advertising options are developed to be able to alternate these on stage and thus check the effectiveness of the users. Finally, the different spaces are delimited and heat maps are applied to check how users interact with the environment: where they look for the first time, which advertising attracts their attention the most, at what height is the most effective product layout, etc. .

All results generate automatic sharing reports. Among other things, the main advantage provided by this system is that since it is not a real physical environment in which to study user behavior, much broader samples can be taken and the results derived from the study can be instantly known. In this way, brands can learn much more quickly and in a more effective way how their campaigns work.