We are isostopy

Behind Isostopy there is a multidisciplinary and creative team. We are architects, programmers, specialists in Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality production and content creators, but above all we are passionate people who have fun with what they do; we are XR lovers.

Our mission

At Isostopy we design experiences and build spaces to inhabit the new digital age.

We believe that tools such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality provide us with a unique opportunity to create new universes that we can visit and in which we can learn, have fun, meditate and socialize.


We are specialists in the development of virtual projects and solutions in augmented and mixed reality.

Each client has needs; we the ability to give the most appropriate response to each of them.

Javier Escorihuela

Chief Executive Officer

Fernando Gómez

Chief Technology Officer

Diego Laforga

Chief Communications Officer

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an environment of scenes or objects of real appearance. The most common meaning refers to an environment generated by computer technology, which creates in the user the feeling of being immersed in it. Said environment is viewed by the user normally through a device known as virtual reality glasses or helmet. This can be accompanied by other devices, such as gloves or special suits, which allow greater interaction with the environment as well as the perception of different stimuli that intensify the feeling of reality.

Why does my business need a virtual reality project?

Virtual reality has countless possibilities in the business field when it comes to offering tangible experiences to its consumers and workers. For example, in the training sector within the industry it can be a solution for the training of its operators; in tourist and real estate businesses, offers to know a product that is difficult to try before buying it; in market research it allows to know more truthfully the opinion of consumers or in marketing to offer much more complete and complex experiences.

How long does it take to develop a project and what price does it have?

Each development in VR has its own nature and characteristics, therefore both the cost and the time it will take to have your project ready depends on various factors, including: the size of the structure to be developed, the level of detail required, as well as any other type of extras that need to be included. Contact us if you have a project in mind, tell us and we will offer you a free estimate.

Do you provide the necessary glasses to view the application?

We can provide you with any device you need, whether you want to buy it or rent it. Our goal is to make your life easier. So if you want us to take care of it we can include it as part of the budget.

Do you offer post sale services?

Before submitting any project, we test it in all possible supports and ways to ensure that there will be no future problems. If a technical problem arises that is still our responsibility, we will solve it immediately at no added cost. In case of updates, maintenance costs or revisions, both its cost and its periodicity will be specified in the contract that we sign with the clients at the beginning of each project.

Can I test the operation of other applications that you have developed?

Sure! We have a showroom in our offices, where you can try some of our latest projects. We have also bought a new coffee maker to invite you to a great coffee.