Cunqui and his sailors

Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, Vigo

Technology to humanize pediatrics

A project developed for the Álvaro Cunqueiro Public Hospital in Vigo. It is an application starring Captain Cunqui and his friends, a series of characters also present in the decoration of the pediatric area of ​​the hospital. The objective of this application is to create a viewable experience on mobile devices that allows admitted children to interact and learn more about their disease, in addition to the operation of the hospital and health personnel. Everything in a warm and close way, which humanizes the period of stay of the little ones in the center more.



The experience

Capitán Cunqui is an application developed ad hoc for the Android devices that the hospital has. The narrative of the experience allows children to learn more about their disease and the center where they are admitted, in order to limit, as far as possible, the traumatic experience of the time spent in the hospital.

Through a series of questions, children can navigate the app, learn details and learn while playing. All the characters were models and animated from the previous designs that had the decoration of the pediatric area.