Kimaldi VR

Kimaldi Tecnologías

Safety like never before

Kimaldi is a security company specialized in identification systems and access controls. As a complement to their presentations at trade shows and events for 2020, they wanted a virtual reality experience that would showcase three of the solutions offered in their catalog in a totally different way to their clients.



The Experience

Visitors to the different stands that Kimaldi takes to the most important events and fairs on security in the world now have the opportunity, not only to know their solutions through catalogs or conferences, but directly to experience it.

For this, three different futuristic scenarios were developed that included interaction with the main services offered by the brand: access controls, biometric controls, RFID card readers, etc. In this way, the user could interact with the environment and with Kinladi devices and have a much more realistic idea of the operation and capabilities of the different devices of the brand.