Seeing is believing VR / AR


Pharmaceutical Marketing

To facilitate the work of the commercials and medical visitors of the pharmaceutical Merck, Isostopy developed an application that allowed visualization of the effect of the medicine on viruses and bacteria in both virtual and augmented reality. With it you can explain in a very clear and effective way to doctors and patients the process of drug operation.



The experience

Seeing is believing was one of the first large-scale works that Isostopy developed between 2015 and 2016, years in which immersive technologies began to take their first steps.

It is an experiential marketing project to facilitate the understanding of the operation of certain drugs through the use of devices that allow us to virtually move into the human body, and thus immersively check the efficacy of the drugs. For this, the interior of the body was modeled, as well as viruses, bacteria and the drug itself, all based on real models to achieve the exact recreation of the process.