Virtual Cycling 

On the occasion of the presentation event of the latest Oppo model in Spain, the Chinese technology company and the MacGuffin agency devised a unique event in which to show attendees the incredible loading speed of the device. For this we created an experiential marketing experience in which virtual cycling was the main protagonist.



The experience

The objective of this event was to involve those attending the presentation in an experiential marketing activity that, in addition to lasting in their memory, would specifically show the ultra-fast loading capacity of the terminal that the Chinese brand presented. For this, an interactive and above all fun activity was designed, in which participants could compete in pairs in front of a large screen. Depending on the speed of their pedaling they could check the state of charge of the device. Whoever pedaled faster before would fill the battery to 100% and as a prize would receive a unit of the model presented. The result was a great success with the participating public, which translated into a totally successful campaign for the brand.