Oysho Sport Collection


Sport and extended reality in a unique event

The Inditex Group’s sports fashion line decided to bet on immersive technologies at the event to present its new Oysho Sport collection to the press. The event was also attended by 18 ambassadors from the world of sports and the firm.



The experience

Hand in hand with the CuldeSac agency, specialized in the organization of events and presentations, we developed several immersive experiences whose connecting line was the marriage between virtual / augmented reality and sport. The objective was to achieve a unique event, which would make the attendees feel a presentation different from those that are usually made, and above all, that it would last in their memory.

Following these guidelines, a day of surfing on a beach in Hawaii was recreated in VR in which attendees could get on a board and feel that they were really galloping on the waves of the Pacific. Indoor cycling was also present, in this case through a competition to see who could achieve the maximum score. Finally, we did not want to forget about running, and for this we developed an augmented reality experience that allowed us to travel through a unique and futuristic landscape from a treadmill.