Pride, a 360º documentary

World Pride 2017, FLGTB, Madrid Summit

Live the experience of diversity

«Pride, a 360º documentary» is a project developed around the Madrid World Pride 2017 celebrations. From a close and immersive perspective, it seeks to bring this celebration to people from all over the world, who can now experience it with reality glasses virtual or on your mobile phone or computer.




Mejor Documental 2018

Cinema 360º Contest Film Rivas Vaciamadrid

Selección Oficial 2017

Madrid International LGBT Film Festival

Selección Oficial 2018

San Sebastián Film and Human Rights Festival


“Pride” manages to immersively bring together the demands and celebrations of the LGTB community that take place every year in the city of Madrid.
It is especially dedicated to all those in whose countries of origin their rights are persecuted and Pride celebrations prohibited.

Panorama Audiovisual Magazine

The experience

The documentary, recorded entirely with 360º cameras, and with a duration of 9 minutes, addresses the history of Pride from the late 1970s to the present day, the 2017 World Pride Madrid 2017 celebrations and the Madrid Summit conferences on Human Rights.

In the project, relevant personalities from the public scene, such as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, former Prime Minister, Jesús Generelo, President of the LGBT Federation, or activists from countries such as Nigeria, Guatemala, Belarus or Turkey, provide their testimony.