Conundrum (Valencia)

Escape Room game in virtual reality

Psyquiatricum is a VR game integrated into the latest escape room experience from the company Conundrum, from Valencia. During the development of the physical game, users must solve a mystery whose answer can only be known by one of the team members after passing a series of tests in virtual reality.




From minute one of starting to work with Isostopy everything has been easy. We have received a lot of attention from you so that the product meets the expectations placed on it.

Jose Luis García – Conundrum Owner

The experience

During the game users wear Oculus Go glasses, where the experience is already pre-installed. It is a comfortable and intuitive device, which allows the launch of the application in a practically automatic way, since one of the priority objectives was to guarantee quick and easy use. It is enough to load the experience at the beginning of the day and then the users, after putting on the device, start the test directly. Thus the fluidity of the physical game is not affected, at the same time that it provides great added value thanks to the ultrarealistic immersive experience created by Isostopy.


The experience is great and the teams love the app. Congratulations on the work, and thank you very much for your effort!

Jose Luis García – Conundrum Owner