TEDx Cibeles

Isostopy Lab

Live the experience of being a speaker in a TEDx talk

A project by Isostopy and TEDx Cibeles, filmed on May 27, 2017 in La Nave, Madrid. Put yourself in the shoes of a participant and live a full day at a TEDx conference like never before

Watch the full experience on You Tube and Veer TV,



The experience

Participating in a TEDx chat is a unique sensation within the reach of a few. However, now we can all experience what a speaker feels when taking the stage before hundreds of spectators.

Recorded on 360º video, the camera accompanies a participant on an immersive journey throughout the day, from his time in the dressing room to put on makeup to the subsequent moments of chat with the public. An extraordinary tool to train and lose the fear of public speaking.