VR EXPLORERS by San Miguel

The Vrain

A different pairing between all the senses.

VR Explorers by San Miguel is a marketing tool, a journey for the senses through a revolutionary combination between beer and wasaby, which takes us to Japan thanks to an incredible immersive experience. A project of The VRain in which we assume the development and programming of the experience.




What San Miguel wants is for the consumer to explore, discover new things and this allows us, from our factories, that the consumer travels to Japan when the visit is over.

Miguel Ángel Cabrero – Corporate Marketing Director San Miguel

The experience

It all starts with putting on your virtual reality glasses. At that moment, the user hears a voice that begins to narrate the origin and qualities of the beer to be tasted and its ties with the wasabi cap and with Japan.

Then, the camera of the device allows, without removing the glasses at any time, to taste the beer and the lid and savor them while the realto continues. Little by little the user will move to Japan, thanks to the immersive sounds and a stereoscopic 360º video that will allow him to visit some emblematic locations of the Japanese country.

An experience that amplifies flavors through the rest of the senses and gives a new meaning to the phrase “food also enters through the eyes.”