Advanced Training Systems LLC (ATS)

Formación inmersiva para transportistas

Pre Trip Inspection is an immersive training system for professional drivers adapted to US regulations. The solution was created “ad hoc” for the North American company Advanced Training Systems LLC (ATS), a leading company in the virtual training sector for carriers.

This app offers a revolutionary quick, precise and easy training system, which streamlines the training of drivers both in risk prevention and in obtaining specific certifications and licenses, allowing users to choose between training in virtual reality mode or in augmented reality according to your needs.




The Experience

The platform allows you to carry out step-by-step and in detail the checks that a driver must know in order to qualify for the CDL (Commercial Driving License), equivalent in Spain to the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP). The novelty is that this training process is done in a totally immersive way, being able to develop in both virtual and augmented reality. Both technologies significantly accelerate the process of assimilation of concepts with respect to traditional methods and provide added value to companies, since they allow their employees to acquire the necessary practical knowledge in a virtual and ultra-realistic environment, limiting the number of practices as much as possible. This saving on costs and time.

The app is available for devices  iOs and Android and can be downloaded in seconds from their respective application markets. In this way drivers can practice as often as they want and access an evaluation of their actions at the end of the training.