If 2017 was the year 0 for the virtual reality, the experts predict that from 2018 we will see the definitive takeoff of this technology. According to the consulting Euromonitor International at the end of this year it will have been sold more than three million devices VR of high range and the number will grow up to 25 millions in 2020.

To put these numbers in perspective, this will be equivalent to a penetration near to 1 % in the  homes of the whole world. Another information to keep in mind: 27 % of the sales will be destined exclusively to professional uses.

Probably, now a day, it is known that the uses of virtual reality don´t limit themselves and much less in the world of the video games. In fact, this technology is going to change the way which we are employed today.

Professionals from sectors as the architecture, the engineering, the development of business, the marketing or even the tourism will see his technologies of work radically modified.

Without a doubt, the first step of this change will be the formation. It will belong necessary for all the professionals to know the use of the tools before being able to implement them in his daily work.

 The virtual reality will be the next dominant platform, after smartphones

The good news is that, after a maturation cycle, the first pioneers in be immersed in this technology now are qualified experts that can teach all those professionals who want to specialize his use. It is the case of Fernando Gómez Arroyo, CTO of Isostopy, developer of virtual experiences and teacher of the master in Virtual Reality organized by the school Editeca, who underlines this idea: “The era in which the VR was focused only on the entertainment and the gaming, has stayed behind. Now, it has turned into a tangible tool for the daily work of many professions. His use is going to suppose a transformation in the enterprises similar to the irruption of the information technology. The first ones who learned his use and introduced it in his daily tasks gave a step of giant in the optimization of his work, meanwhile those that continued using the typewriter were expelled from the sector “

Every day are discovered new uses of the virtual reality that improve and facilitate the work in many fields. For example the architecture, where the VR has been imposed as an indispensable tool that facilitates the daily tasks of the architects. Like the way of visiting a house in construction or reform in a hyper realistic and immersive way, improving enormously the visual impact and facilitating the comprehension compared with the traditional blueprint.

Something similar happens in the world of the engineering, where the VR optimizes the processes in many of his areas as in the development of models of infrastructures, the check of processes and designs, the creation of industrial simulators or even in the prediction of catastrophes.

“The labor chance of tomorrow will depend on the technical knowledge which have in virtual reality the professionals. Because of it, our máster is focus on the learning of the processes and the methodologies used for the development of professional experiences. Once completed, the student will have an advanced knowledge that will allow him to create interactive applications for any type of device. ” Indicates Rafael Gonzalez del Castillo, the director of the master online of virtual reality of Editeca in relation to the importance of being formed today in the new digital transformation.

There is not doubt that the numerous of advantages that the virtual reality contributes will turns into a tangible fact in works of all kinds. The opportunity to turn into a professional specialized in the use of this tool will be what make the differences in the labor opportunities. The moment to be raised to the new technological wave already has come.