Comparative of the best not professional cameras 360 in 2017.

From last year, there is a new trend that cannot stop growing in the sector of the not professional cameras: the cameras of recording 360 degrees, which allow you to live the images and videos as if we were inside the scene.

These cameras allow to enjoy an angle of very top vision, not only to that of a conventional camera that filmed in 2 dimensions, but even to that of the sight (the human eye perceives almost 180 degrees of image, but it focuses only a part of this field).

The implementation of his vision in spaces like YouTube or Facebook has accelerated this process of purchase.

In the post of this week, we will speak to you about the best cameras that can be acquired in this 2017. Because of it, we have done a selection of the best 6 domestic available cameras on the market, which prices range between 250 and 450 euros and which they are compatible with the principal mobile operating systems (iOs and Android). Later we show you the comparative of them and the price one by one.

Samsung Gear 360º [2017]

Last May 25 was presented the new camera 360 of Samsung, which there incorporates a series of notable improvements with regard to his predecessor.

The South Korean company has changed the design and has incorporated an elongated base that allows the chamber to win in stability. But the better thing is the qualit increase of recording video, which happens to be of 4K (high definition). It also have a beter processor and allows to broadcast in streaming across Facebook.

Ricoh Tetah S

The last model of the Ricoh Theta S allows to capture images of high definition in a simple way. The camera is easy to accommodate in your hand and easily to use for it account, but also it can be controlled across Smartphone’s application.

It possesses two lenses eyes of fish that cover 180 degrees each one and give image to every sensor of 12 Mpx generating, on having be sewed, an image 360.

360 Fly 4K

This camera is specially indicated for sports or action recordings for his versatility and resistance. It is undoubtedly a product for demanding consumers, in spite of his price that places it also in the top of the not professional cameras.

A resolution of 1.504 possesses x 1.504 pixels to 30 stills per second. In addition, it has an accelerometer, an electronic compass, GPS and a gyroscope for the positioning.

LG Cam 360

LG’s camera has been a disappointment between the consumers for not fulfilling the expectations that had on it, fact that has been reflected in his sales, very behind from the Samsung 360 and the Ricoh Tetah S, his rival direct. This owes to his minor performance and the most visible edges of the images. In addition, the quality of the images, photographies or videos in 2K is low. One of the best characteristics is the quality of the surrounding sound.

Nikon Key Mission 360

The Key Mission is the first chamber 360 of the renowned Japanese brand. The device is one of the smallest and possesses lenses for both faces, which allows to register spherical contents.

Its vocation of camera of action is clear in his resistance: submersible up to 30 meters and falls of up to two meters. It seems that Nikon has wanted to find his niche of market creating a hybrid between the camera of action to the style Go Pro and the camera 360, which it does a very interesting product for sports recordings, of adventure…


Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Action Cam

Smaller than Rubik’s bucket, the Kodak Pixpro possesses a few impressive lenses able of recording video with an angle of 235 degrees. The device is equipped with a sensor of 12 megapixels that records in ultra high definition 4K, to 30 frames for second.

With this camera you will be able to record incredible videos but to generate images 360 will need other one. For it, the system of sale includes the Dual package Pro, which includes a couple of cameras and a simple system of assembly where incrust both.