Black Friday is here for another year and at Isostopy we do not want you to miss the best offers on virtual reality devices, that’s why we have developed this guide with the best tips for you to get great deals without subsequent surprises, so that your purchase be safe and effective.

Before purchase

Whether in their physical spaces or online, during this weekend the big brands will offer succulent discounts. But be careful, not all are real. First of all, check if the product you are going to buy has VAT included in the price. The final price could be much higher so this is an important aspect to consider. Also remember to look at the shipping costs, something that can raise the final price of the product we want to buy, since this cost can be double or even triple if we buy from one or the other store.

En segundo lugar, ten en cuenta la garantía del producto, especialmente si estás comprando a un vendedor extracomunitario.  Recuerda que la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores contempla que el plazo para reclamar la reparación o sustitución de un producto es de dos años, aunque a partir de los seis meses desde la compra del producto, es responsabilidad del consumidor demostrar que el defecto del producto es de origen.

When you buy something online you have 14 days to regret it. They have to pay you back what you paid and you don’t owe them any explanation.

Also don’t forget to check the return terms; It is very important to know how much time you have to return the product in case it does not convince you when you start using it. If you buy online, remember the golden rule that the OCU gives us: “When you buy something online you have 14 days to repent. They have to pay you back what you paid and you don’t owe them any explanation. ”

Finally, it is important to keep the transaction receipt, details of the web page, copies of the e-mails sent and received from the provider, or screenshots of the page where the transaction is confirmed. This ensures that we can safely claim in the event of a scam.

When to buy

The great competition unleashed by Black Friday has made large companies go beyond Friday, November 24 when launching their aggressive sales campaign, extending it in most cases for several days, but when will we find the best offers in the different stores?

Most stores will start presenting specific offers on some of their products from Monday, November 20. But it will be at 00:01 on Friday the 24th when the madness breaks out. From that moment and until midnight on the following Monday, or Cybermonday, we can find great discounts and flash offers in the electronics sections of online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, PC Components and of course in physical stores such as Media Markt, Apple or El Corte Inglés, so we recommend that you wait until that moment because the products that these days you see already on sale may be purchased at an even better price.

VR offer star on this Black Friday

Before talking about the most interesting offers in VR glasses and 360 cameras, we have to highlight the great deal of this Black Friday. And is that from November 17 to 27 you can buy a pack that includes PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera, the PS VR Worlds game and an additional title to choose between Gran Turismo Sport and Skyrim VR, for 299 euros, that is, € 100 cheaper from its original price. If you had in mind to buy the most powerful VR console on the market, do not hesitate: this is the time.

 The best offers on Virtual Reality devices

Samsung Gear with 2017 controller. The latest model of VR glasses that Samsung launched this year has a regular price of € 129. In the E-Global Central Spain online store you can get them this week for € 75, which is almost a 40% discount. This new model, in addition to being quite inexpensive, comes with a command or controller that you can use to navigate a virtual world.

HTC Vive StandAlone. The HTC option is somewhat more expensive but also provides higher quality. Includes two wireless controls, two base stations, link box, headphones, Vive accessories, safety guide and warranty card. Its normal price is € 799, but until Monday you can buy it for € 100 less on PC Components.

Oculus Rift. Its price is € 559 ​​without drivers. If we add its cost, the price would rise to € 693.36. Although we have not found a discount on the total price there is a very interesting offer during Black Friday: if we buy a Rift at Best Buy, Amazon or the Microsoft online store, we will have a gift coupon of $ 100 that we can redeem to buy games and Oculus store experiences.

And if your thing is 360 video, it is also time to buy your next immersive camera:

Samsung Gear 360 (2017 version): The improved model of this 360 video camera is one of our favorites because of its completeness. It records in 4K, it has Bluetooth v4.1, 1160 mAh battery and memory of up to 256 GB. Its market price is € 250 during the year, but in Mobi City you can find it right now for € 151.

Giroptic Io HD. Designed to be as simple as possible. Its dual-lens camera fits into the Lightning port of the iPhone to take 360 ​​photos and videos, which we can share on social networks. Its current price is € 250. However, this week costs € 199.99 on Amazon.

360 fly 4K It is one of the best options if your idea is to record outdoors or watering activities, as this sports camera is resistant to shocks, dust and water. Although its usual price, € 710, is higher than its competition, you can find it during Black Friday for € 500 at El Corte Inglés.