The virtual reality is already here and has come to remain. The lack of qualified professionals, with the demand that approaches, propitiates that it is the ideal moment to be formed in a sector that, in the next years, it is going to have an exponential growth.

The multiple applications of the virtual reality (video games, real estate agencies, engineering, tourism, retail, education, marketing, heritage, etc.) they are going to create an infinity offers of employment for qualified professionals in a market that already deposited last year almost 5.000 millions of Euros, but that promises to get up as a tsunami up to 100.000 millions in 2021.


In Isostopy, we develop solutions and experiences VR and AR for brands and companies, but also we take the genome of the formation marked in our DNA. Not uselessly, several members of the equipment are educational in diverse formative centers.

Because of it and because we believe in the needed of instruct on this exciting and incipient world, we have started a formative section in our YouTube’s channel, destined to form on the use of different programs and technologies, in order that everyone who wants to learn about virtual reality could do it thanks to our video tutorials that we will publish every Tuesday and Thursday.

Every Thursday are dedicated to Unity, an engine of video game where we will learn from 0 to develop virtual reality. You will be able to know from how to instal the program up to create scenes, until insert characters and how introduce or to form materials in order that you could recreate any type of scene in your project. In addition, every Tuesday we will speak about other programs and functionalities that you will be able to implement in your productions like Revit or Autodesk.

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